Pros And Cons Of Epilator

An epilator is a hand held electrical device which has a set of very small tweezers that take out unwanted body hair from its root. These machines come in rechargeable, battery operated and corded designs.

A soft and silky skin is what every person desires and the thought of stiff and short hair growing on the body especially the face can drive you crazy. There are several ways of removing unwanted hair including the use of epilators that removes hair on the arms, face, legs, underarms and bikini area. Epilators operate in a similar manner as waxing but in contrast to waxing, they do not take out cells from the body’s epithelium in the epidermis. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using epilators:

Merits of using epilator

a) Cost

Buying this type of hair removal machine is a one occasion expense. These machines are less costly with a low end machine selling at 50 dollars while a high end machine selling at 130 dollars. Unlike other kinds of hair removal systems like waxing, salon visits or razors, epilators have no additional accessories.

b) Long lasting hair removal

Since epilators clutch and extract hair from the root, the process of hair growing again takes a longer time as compared to other back hair removal techniques. Most customers experience a three to six weeks grace period between hair removal and hair growth. Furthermore, the hair follicles are weakened each time you take them out from the root thus slowing re-growth.

c) Clean and easy

One of the great advantages of using an epilator is that it is an easy to use and simple process. You do not require any messy creams, wax or gels. This method is the perfect choice while traveling as the machines are small and portable.

d) Perfect for use at home

These machines allow you to remove unwanted hair without the need for visiting a salon. You can sustain a smooth and silky skin in a convenient manner and have the comfort of at home hair removal.

Demerits of using epilator

a) Painful

Removing thick hair in some areas can be at times painful. However, pain might decrease with the continual use of the machine.

b) Replacements

Most epilators need replacements every now and then. This is because the epilators break easily and their cutting edges become blunt after a short time.

c) Time consuming

Using an epilator for removal of hair on large areas of your body can be time consuming. Some of the machines have bigger heads than others but will still consume a lot of time when compared to other techniques like waxing and the use of razors.

d) Noisy

The machine can be noisy at times while in operation.

Customer review

At the present moment, epilators are getting four and five star reviews as the best technique for hair removal. There are very many different brands of epilators in the market and if you want to get the best one, you will have to try them out and find a particular one that removes hair as effectively and painlessly as possible. You should also consider the metal used on the curve of the head or the tweezers disk of the epilator. You should consider one of the following epilators: Emjoi seal dry/ wet epilator, Panasonic ultra epilator, Philips satin perfect HP3576 and Braun silk type.

Depending on how sensitive your skin is and your pain threshold, epilators can be the perfect choice for hair removal.

How To Remove Hair With Epilator

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